In-Office Dental Membership Plan

No Insurance? No Problem!
Treatment you need, at prices you can afford.

Instead of going years without dental care, get great dental care for years. With our dental membership plans, you eliminate monthly deductibles and only pay when you have dental work completed. Simply pay one low annual fee, and you’ll receive a discount on your dental work, as well as free X-rays, exams and cleanings.

Once the annual fee is paid, you will be entitled to the dental benefit membership program for 12 consecutive months. There’s no ID card, no group or member number to bring! All your membership information will be kept in your electronic record. Your effective date is the day you sign up and your renewal date is the same date every year.

Click the link below for to sign up now!

Our membership plans cover the following treatments and services:

  • 2 professional cleanings
  • 2 annual exams
  • 2 fluoride treatments (to age 13)
  • Annual check-up X-rays
  • Limited exams
  • Discount on Additional Treatments (see link for details)
  • Free consultations

The “No Problem” Plan

  • No high costs
  • No claim forms to submit
  • No deductibles
  • No annual maximum benefit
  • No waiting periods
  • No limitations on pre-existing conditions
  • No pre-authorizations
  • No wondering what insurance will pay toward your treatment
  • No limitations on any procedures
  • No missing tooth clauses
  • No alternative material downgrades
  • No restrictions on cosmetic options

Laura L. Steinberg, D.D.S., P.A.

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